I was fascinated by the Zapp family adventure and although I wanted to photograph these amazing people, photographs in themselves could not tell their story so I made a short video and interviewed this remarkable couple.

On the cover of their book, ‘Spark Your Dream’, it says, ‘Where dreams are fulfilled and we are inspired to conquer ours’ – it was certainly an inspirational weekend and when you watch the video you will find out why!

The images are a testament to their car which has taken them around the world and many other places….


Candelaria and Herman ZAPP Began their dream on the 25th of January 2000 they had bought a vintage 1928 Graham-Paige car and began their journey from their home town in Argentina having planned a six months voyage to the northern tip of Alaska, those six months turned into 18 years and counting and four children Pampa, Tehue, Paloma and Wallaby all born in different countries along the way.

What a fantastic dream, what a fantastic adventure, having seen a video shot by the BBC in my home country of Scotland I wrote and invited them to come and stay with us where I now lived in the South of France.

In that BBC Scotland film was something that piqued my interest, Candi talked about cooking hot dogs or corn from the heat of the engine in a small covered tray. Soft boiled eggs took 30 miles and a hard-boiled eggs took 57 miles, they definitely had to come and see us I needed to meet them I wanted to meet them, I wanted to find out more, and not just about hard boiled eggs!

They arrived on the 25th of August 2018 and we had the most amazing weekend with the Zapp family. Within a couple of hours of their arrival it was as if they’d lived with us for years, it was marvellous to find everybody so happy, rhythm the house changed and listening to their experiences I knew that I had to record a small part of their journey and their stay with us. This interview with Candy and Herman recorded as the sun was slowly setting at the end of a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent with friends from our village who, like us, were spellbound by their dream.

The video that first sparked my interest in the Zapp Family was shot in Scotland and can be seen here; Zapp Family in Scotland their travels continue and if you get hooked like me you can follow their progress by visiting their site Zapp Family


Finally, if you have an interest in a truly inspirational book it can be purchased on Amazon : Spark Your Dream

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