Yasirs photographic images have drawn me over a period of time, not only are his macro images fantastic they are also artistically beautiful. The composition is complementary and leads the eye into the image which has a completeness in itself, he manages to capture the subject, which is usually an insect, exquisitely and uses the surrounding environment which adds a greater dimension making the images a work of art.

My name is Yasir Mehmood. I am an Interior Designer by profession and a nature & wild photographer by passion. I have been doing nature photography and Documentary film making for past few years. Though it has been a long journey everyday it feels like I am starting it afresh. This fascinating hobby is helping me introspect and understanding myself better. For last few years I have been pursuing nature photography as an art.



Along with a team of photographers I founded Nature Watch, an online community which now has become the largest platform for upcoming wildlife photographers in Asia. Sharing my knowledge of photography, wildlife, and people across various platforms including workshops and seminars is an important part of the work I do.

Beauty and the beast


Natures Geometry


Love is in the air


As a designer, I love colour combinations and designs. Insects are marvellous in their colour combinations and patterns. I try to capture every tiny movement of such insects, which are an emblem of beauty. The beautiful colours, their design and their movement shows how organised their world is.

Walking on the edge


I would like to inspire people through the beauty of insects. As normal human eyes cannot capture these things, I would like to show these colourful insects to people through my photographs.





Predator and prey


Although Yasir is an Interior Designer by profession his real passion is photography in general, nature and wildlife photography in particu­lar. To him photography is synonymous with oxygen, as he has to make a few clicks of camera everyday to keep his spirit satiated and healthy. For Yasir photography is not just a hobby, rather it is a tool of insight into na­ture. He specialises in insect photography, where Yasir sees insects as objects of beauty, which are as beautiful as any other ele­ment of nature.


[su_box title=”Yasir Mehmood  – Featured Photographer” box_color=”#073992″ radius=”1″]Yasir MehmoodYasir Mehmood.

Weekday Activity : Interior Designer and Photographer (sometimes combined)

Location : Islamabad, Pakistan

Website : capturemania.com

Instagram : @yasirmehamood

Facebook : Yasir Mehmood

All images and text copyright ©2019 Yasir Mehmood

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