Working The Light is what photographers do. We trek for miles to a favorite location, set up our equipment, wait for the first rays of the sun to add that piece of magic that gives us the WOW factor shot we are all in search of – great. And then what happens, a big black cloud blocks out the sun and sadly we pack up to return another day.
Working with light and models adds a whole new dimension.

John Denton works with light, both natural and studio, inside and outdoors, and the additional dimension of working with models. Easy you say? Not a bit of it, but he can make it look easy, a sign of a true professional. Two of the basic elements is how to work the light and how to work with a model, both very much part of the learning curve that John has honed to a very high standard over the past 14 years.



John has worked with professional and amateur models who display a talent of how to instinctively react and pose in front of a camera. From a models point of view, being able to give what the photographer wants can at times be intuitive and it certainly needs to work without any awkwardness – the model has to be at ease with the surroundings and the photographer. A professional model has worked on these skills, which is great, and as John says he has a preference working with amateur models. When he finds a model that has all the natural talents and freshness he looks for it’s a fantastic feeling seeing how a working relationship evolves. It’s not a sweeping statement but over time some of the models he has discovered have gone on to make a career in the business and entered into the world of professional modeling. Not a bad exchange by any means.



From the photographer’s point of view most of the same applies, the photographer must feel at ease and be able to direct the model and be aware of the sensibility of how the model is being asked to pose, hence producing a natural posture with the overall effect of creating an image that works. The photographers have their own set of instruments to orchestrate. First and foremost, know your camera and how to work in manual mode, study light and the effects it gives and working with additional lighting. Finally working with a model; “say cheese” doesn’t quite make the grade. There is a lot to learn in your approach to working with a model.




We will be publishing articles in more depth about getting to know your camera, lighting and working with models, but this is where John Denton comes in……….
John offers courses and training on all of the above and we are excited to announce that World Photo Adventure will be organising photo lighting safaris to some pretty exotic destinations. We are working on a proposed Lighting Photography Safari to Namibia – details to be announced!




In the meantime, John still has places on his Algarve Safari 2016 for September – click here.


John Denton - Featured Photographer

John Denton Training
John’s Philosophy: It is my belief that no photographer can truly understand the art of photographing people without photographing Nudes. To pose and light a body without any other obstacles will make you a better photographer of brides, models. lifestylers, models…..

Website: John Denton Training

Location: Yorkshire, UK.

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