Kings Road, London

Winter light should not be forgotten when it comes to taking your camera out and getting some great shots. Rob Irving made a date with colleague and fellow photographer, Gita, to meet up on the Kings Road, London, and the results of an afternoon fun shoot will not disappoint!

The Kings Road London, bathed in the most beautiful light on one of the last Sundays before Christmas… There were neither crowds nor urgency, just a gentle peacefulness warmed by a low winter’s sun… and stillness.

I’d met up with my friend and photography colleague Gita with the express intention of shooting some central London street photography, destination The Kings Road. Having met at Sloane Square tube we had coffee and a catch up and then wandered down to The Duke of York Square where the sky was open and so flooding the world with it’s characterful light… in itself worth embracing winter for.

I thought a nice theme for the shoot considering the season would be the closeness that can exist between us, between very close friends, or complete strangers… plus a few other subjects, which too caught my eye along the way.

Obviously in the close and cozy images my subjects were completely aware of my presence, knowing my name having had a little chat about what I was up to, etc.. But the photographs with the gate were shot from the hip on a 50mm lens whilst pretending to fiddle with my phone.

I was shooting to RAW with a Canon 5D(II) ISO at 160, with either an EF 17-35/2.8 set at 35mm – at around f3.2, or an EF 50/1.4 at f2.


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