The Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial close to the village of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon in northern France is a site I have visited on a number of occasions. It seems somewhat of a paradox to say that the feeling of peace and serenity that comes over me when I wander amongst the graves or sit quietly and look over the vast field of crosses interspersed with the Star of David is the resting place of 14,246 War Dead from World War 1. It contains the largest number of U.S military dead in Europe most of whom fell during the operations of the First U.S Army, between September 26 and November 11 1918.

Over the years of visiting this area I have heard so many stories told of the horrors of the Two World Wars that inflicted so much horror on the world but particularly this area . My wife, in one of the image, was born in a Village not far from Romagne-sous-Montfaucon near to the Town of Verdun and as a young girl listened to the tales told of WW1 by her Grandparents and their generation.romagne-sous-montfaucon-01


I have posted images similar to these before and each time I always state that I am against war. I do not have an alternative* and I always wish there were other ways to settle conflicts. I also always write that I wish that politicians and those that shout War, War, War would come visit these peaceful places where rest those that fell fighting for a cause which I will always respect. Their courage means that I am sitting here typing this and able to express my opinion. Perhaps there will be peace one day*



There are two flanking loggias on whose walls are engraved the ‘Tablets of the Missing’. It is here you can visit the Memorial which contains the chapel and two flanking loggias.

For more information on Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery please visit the site American Battle Monuments Commission

*With all due respect to those that gave their lives and continue to give their lives in conflicts around the world I support Peace One Day.

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