Five years of ‘camera-derie’: Remembering Wildlife marks fifth anniversary with launch of online print sales site


When WPA first saw what Margot Raggett was doing with Remembering Wildlife we were ready to support this project in every way we could. Now after five years of raising an enormous amount of money from images donated by photographer here is a chance to own one or more of these spectacular images. The above is “Elephants. Remembering Wildlife © Chris Packham”

Remembering Wildlife, the fundraising photography book series which has raised over £848,000 ($1.1 million USD) for conservation, is marking five years since the publication of the book that started the movement, Remembering Elephants, with the launch of an online print shop of a selection of images from the whole collection. The new print sales site will go live on 19 September 2021.

Graeme Purdy Under Protection

Under Protection, Remembering Wildlife. © Graeme Purdy

Images by some of the best wildlife photographers on the planet, from Chris Packham to Art Wolfe, will be up for sale on the Remembering Wildlife website and will help Remembering Wildlife move a step closer to the promise that Founder and Producer Margot Raggett made to herself – and to her hero Sir David Attenborough – that she would donate £1 million to animal conservation. Print prices will start at £230.


Remembering Wildlife started when Margot Raggett saw a poached elephant in Kenya and spent months persuading the world’s best wildlife photographers to each donate an image that she could include in ‘the most beautiful book on a species ever seen’. That book, Remembering Elephants, was published on 19 September 2016.

Five years later, almost 200 photographers have donated images to the Remembering Wildlife collection: Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions, Remembering Cheetahs and – due to launch on 6 November 2021 – Remembering African Wild Dogs. Never before have images from across the series been made available as one print collection.

Hendri Venter Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros, Remembering Wildlife. © Hendri Venter

Profits from the books have gone to 55 conservation projects in 24 countries, including: Kenya, Malawi, Java, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Uganda. More than 32,000 copies have been sold and fans across the globe include some very famous supporters, such as Russell Crowe, Michelle Pfeiffer, Pierce Brosnan and Kevin Pietersen.

Margot Raggett said: “We’re committed to making a difference on our planet through trade, rather than asking for donations.”

“Our purpose is always to raise awareness of the plight facing a species but also to raise funds to protect it. And by selling something beautiful in order to achieve that, we believe our supporters and customers can feel good when they buy or gift one of our books, prints or other items we auction or sell at our events.”

Leopard, Piper Mackay

Leopard, Remembering Wildlife. © Piper Mackay

The series title was inspired by a comment from Sir David Attenborough, who asked: “Are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”

Margot Raggett added: “Five years ago, I wrote to Sir David and said I wanted to raise £1m for conservation through books which would help protect those animals. I’m determined to hit that target and I can’t break a promise to my idol!”

Gorilla with her young. Suzi Eszterhas

Gorilla with her young. Remembering Wildlife. © Suzi Eszterhas


Remembering Lions, Chad Cocking

Remembering Lions, © Chad Cocking


For the anniversary print sale, profits will be shared between Remembering Wildlife and the photographers, not only as a thank you for their support but also in acknowledgement of the difficulties wildlife photographers have faced during the pandemic.

Please go to View Prints For Sale for the chance to own one of these spectacular images and help this great cause.

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Wild Dogs book cover

Soon-to-be-published sixth book Remembering African Wild Dogs

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