Remembering Leopards, image ©Hannes Lochner

The Remembering Wildlife series is an exceptional collection of books that continues to captivate photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.  Remembering Leopards is the eighth book in this series and is a remarkable testament to the power of photography in raising awareness about endangered species.

The shear quality of this book, like its predecessors, is magnificent, the overall excellence of the book and the exquisite images that have been donated will give hours of pleasure.

Each book in the series showcases stunning imagery from some of the world’s most talented wildlife photographers, highlighting the beauty and fragility of our planet’s endangered animals. Beyond its visual appeal, Remembering Wildlife serves a critical purpose by supporting wildlife conservation efforts through the sale of these books. Remembering Leopards is another breath-taking addition to this inspiring series, shining a spotlight on the magnificent but endangered leopard species and reminding us all of the urgent need to protect our planet’s wildlife.


The hardback coffee table book is a collection of 80 stunning colour images taken by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers – including Marsel van Oosten, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Greg du Toit, and Michael Poliza – who have generously donated images to help protect leopards in the wild. This year’s cover image was taken by Mark Dumbleton.

World Photo Adventure has supported this cause over several years and are honoured to have received an advanced copy of the book for review. Like its predecessors the quality is of the highest and the images are superb. Please also see below for joining the live event and the exhibition which will run from the 11th to the 15 0ctober.

The aim of the book is to raise awareness of the plight facing leopards and to raise money to protect them. Please click at the bottom of the page to purchase a copy and help support this amazing cause.

Eight leopard sub-species – African, Amur, Arabian, Indian, Indochinese, Javan, Sri Lankan and Persian – are featured, as well as snow and clouded leopards.

Blessing Rain Image © Paolo Torchio

Founder and Producer of Remembering Wildlife Margot Raggett MBE said: “With their sheer beauty, aloofness and agility, leopards are coveted by photographers and safari-goers alike – there is something mesmerising about them that wins hearts the world over.

“And yet, because of human actions, the global leopard population and distribution is in decline and they are now believed extinct in 23 of their 85 original range countries.

“Leopards have vanished from at least 40{b7f689427f81e317b7f60b5a54fde01ab1a33ca18679f45a233af3a42b3f6e76} of their historic range in Africa and over 50{b7f689427f81e317b7f60b5a54fde01ab1a33ca18679f45a233af3a42b3f6e76} of their historic range in Asia.

“In addition to the threat of climate change and human-wildlife conflict, leopards also fall victim to the illegal wildlife trade – they are highly prized for their beautiful skin, as well as bones, teeth and claws.

“Our mission is not only to celebrate leopards but to raise urgent awareness that they are in decline and to raise funds for those working to protect them.

“I’m grateful to all the photographers who have willingly donated their work to this book and to raise awareness and funds. It is only through working together that we can win.”

Image © James Gifford

Image © James Gifford


Ben Cranke African Leopard

African Leopard image © Ben Cranke

The flying snow leopard. Image by Ismail Shariff

The flying snow leopard. Image © Ismail Shariff

Leopard leaps. image by Jane Addey

Leopard leaps. image © Jane Addey


The foreword for the book is by Dr Luke Hunter, Executive Director, Big Cats Program, Wildlife Conservation Society, who said: “Remembering Leopards reminds us of what is at stake. When you look upon the glorious cats on these pages, be assured that it is not too late to save them. Don’t let Remembering Leopards become an epitaph.”

The afterword is by ‘The Big Cat People’ Jonathan & Angela Scott, who liken the “allure and beauty” of leopards to “as if the Gods had smiled on you”.

Yala National Park of Sri Lanka. Image by Volodymyr Burdock

Yala National Park of Sri Lanka. Image ©Volodymyr Burdock

Xidulu and Cub. Image by Heinrich Neumeyer

Xidulu and Cub. Image ©Heinrich Neumeyer

Speaking alongside Margot Raggett MBE at the official launch event for Remembering Leopards at the RGS will be acclaimed big cat and wildlife photographer Steve Winter and Dr Vidya Athreya, Director and Head – Science and Conversation at WCS-India, member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group.

The launch event is a hybrid event (live and online). For more details and to book tickets, click here.

A free exhibition of images from the book will take place at London’s Gallery@Oxo from 11-15 October, from 11am-6pm daily and until 9pm on Friday 15 October. More details here.

More than 250 wildlife photographers have contributed to the Remembering Wildlife series since it started in 2016, working under the banner Wildlife Photographers United. It has now raised over £1m GBP/$1.3m USD for 63 conservation projects in 27 countries.  All profits generated by Remembering Wildlife are donated to conservation.

Further information about Remembering Wildlife can be found here .

Margot Raggett

Margot Raggett is the founder and producer of the Remembering Wildlife series. After a successful career in PR in London, Margot moved into wildlife photography around 2010. Everything changed again when she saw a poached elephant in late 2014 and she determined to use her skill set to raise awareness of the poaching crisis and also to raise funds to fight it.

The series of books was created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett, who was moved to act after seeing a poached elephant in Kenya. With the eight published books — Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions, Remembering Cheetahs, Remembering African Wild Dogs, Rembering Bears and Remembering Leopards – Margot set out each time to make the most beautiful book on a species ever seen, using images donated by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers. More than 37,000 copies have been sold so far.

Wild Dogs book cover

Remembering Leopards

Cover Photograph, Remembering Leopards, image by Mark Dumbleton.

To order your copy of Remembering Leopards click here

With your support, Remembering Leopards will be a beautiful coffee table book, full of images donated by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers and will be published on Monday 9th October 2023. This will be the eighth book in the Remembering Wildlife series which was created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett after she was moved to take action upon seeing a poached elephant in Kenya.

To find out more about the projects that Remembering Wildlife has already funded, click here

Each book costs £49.50 GBP (approximately $60 USD) and copies can be ordered at Remembering Wildlife.

All images are © Copyright of the respective photographer and or Remembering Wildlife

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