We all love to travel to distant destinations to capture those elusive images that seemingly can only be had if we are miles from home. At WPA we also love to travel but one of our philosophies is that those great images can be had in your own back garden, and if you don’t have a garden, then a nearby urban or country landscape.

Over the past seven years IGPOTY – the “International Garden Photographer of the Year” – have championed a competition of such a high standard that photographers from around the world submit their images and portfolios in the hope that theirs will be “the one” to win.

There are a number of classifications ranging from, The Beauty of Plants, Breathing Spaces, The Bountiful Earth, Young International Garden Photographer of the Year, and many more. Click the IGPOTY link below to see all the categories. This year’s overall winner Rosanna Castrini’s shot titled, “My Garden Prairie” was taken in her garden. The variety of different categories gives participants plenty of scope to express their own photographic aptitude.

“We all love single plant portraits – but it is much more difficult to make a successful picture of many plants together in association. To me, this picture is as close to perfection as you can get. I love the contrasting shapes and textures of the three types of flower. All the plants are in perfect condition. The photographer has recognised a very skilful piece of planting and has made a straightforward rendering of it, in lovely light and with no tricks.” Andrew Lawson, IGPOTY judge

I have been following the IGPOTY competition for a few years and it is a great source of inspiration. Each year I am amazed at how yet another crop of images can stimulate me to want to get out there and see what my camera can do!!
Click on the thumbnails and get ready to be inspired!!

For details of the individual and portfolio categories click on the link below.

All images are © copyright of the individual photographers and reproduced by permission of the International Garden Photographer of the Year.


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