food_sAmphawa Floating Market and Maekong Train Market in a day

Leaving Bangkok we travelled a few hours north, to explore two fabulously colourful and interesting markets which are quite surprisingly off of the usual tourist trail, considering their relative proximity to Bangkok. What was noticeable, as with the less touristy regions of Bangkok that we’d explored in the preceding days, was how happy the people were to be the focus of our attention and cameras.

Firstly we visited Amphawa Floating market, tight narrow ‘paths’ enveloped by life and produce, a tightly woven maze of stalls selling anything and everything from fresh locally grown produce of the region through to plenty beyond the imagination… Intercepting all of this were the khlongs with their long-tail boats peddling, (or paddling) their wares… many of which were simply floating extensions, typically kitchens ‘Wok’ pontoons, for their vendors on-land…

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Climbing down level with the boats, away from the bustle, afforded an immersed experience amongst the people and transport which feed the market.

A short trip from Amphawa took us to the Maekong Train Market, so called because the stall holders set up quite literally on the train track. The sound of a klaxon has the stall-holders deftly manoeuvre their produce out of the way of the approaching locomotive, and equally quickly have everything back on track moments after the train has past… Different!

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