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Reasons To Be A Photographer

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!!! 

As a young photographer I poured over photographic books and articles in photo magazines and often wondered how a photographer had managed to achieve the fantastic results I was looking at – that gave me the inspiration to go out and try something different, or I had found the answer to something I had been trying to achieve. In short it was inspirational.

Reasons To Share

World Photo Adventure has made a commitment to showcase work of photographers who have created exceptional images which will help others who aspire to do the same.

Your Work

A selection of great work by some of our Featured Photographers.

If you like what we do and want to know more

Gannets By Matthew Cattell
Featured Photographer Petra Hancox
Sadu Holy Man, India. By Wilf James

What our photographers say

We have had some great feedback – here’s a couple.

“Amazing. Thanks very much. Cracking stuff! Appreciate the feature greatly”

Ceri Davies | Photographer

“I really like the post. I’m so chuffed. I have already shared the links with my friends and family. ”

Petra Hancox | Enthusiastic photographer

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