It was difficult, very difficult – the words of both Anthony and Sophie when asked to choose one image from over 30 photographs sent in for the “Murphy Prize” competition. For everyone who attended The French Touch 2 photo workshop in the South of France will know the variety of locations in and around the Domaine des Jasses is almost never ending – every corner turned offers yet another amazing location shoot. And that doesn’t take into account the times when we visited some of the most beautiful villages close by.

The winner – and there can be only one – is Ray Agius Condachi – the very simple remit for judging the competition was, which images pleases you the most. This Black & White image of Zoia Samaya Theone was chosen by Anthony and Sophie and it took them a long time to narrow down the images and eventually choose the winner. Like many competitions I could hear them saying, how can we possibly choose just one out of so many beautifully created images!

Ray wins a print from one of Anthony Murphy’s celebrated collections of paintings. The one selected by Anthony is entitled, “The Price of the Kiss”. Congratulations to Ray.

They managed to get down to three images so I wanted to include the two other images that were contenders for the prize and award them “Honourable mentions” and in no particular order.

Photograph by Espen Lossius


Photograph by Barry Dillon

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in images because without you there would be no competition. There will be posted soon a the full selection of all images sent in for the competition and I will update you as soon as they are online.

Many thanks to Anthony & Sophie, and a special thanks to John Denton.

All images are copyright © of their respective owners.

Anthony on {b7f689427f81e317b7f60b5a54fde01ab1a33ca18679f45a233af3a42b3f6e76}22The Price of a Kiss{b7f689427f81e317b7f60b5a54fde01ab1a33ca18679f45a233af3a42b3f6e76}22

by Anthony Murphy

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