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Take Great Pictures Part 2

In my introductory article on “Take Great Pictures” my three main points concerned light, composition and experimenting – take lots of images, and select the best. On a recent trip to Budapest and Venice I also became aware, yet again, of remembering to enjoy that which is beyond the camera. It’s what helps me see the bigger picture and take better pictures.

Wedding Photography Tips

It’s been some years since I shot a wedding, but in the last month I’ve shot two. I don’t promote myself as a wedding photographer any more as I’m busy enough in the commercial world, the energy and desire to put in all the effort required to market myself and compete it that arena has waned.

Take Great Pictures

We have instant photographs!
Most of us now have a smartphone or a compact digital camera that allows us to snap away and see the results instantly; in fact we have so many photographs we might not know what to do with them.

Choosing the Right Equipment

It may seem bewildering the number of DSLR’s on the market, what with their varied specifications and lens choices. So the idea behind this piece is to try to cut through to what’s really important when considering your first purchase into this arena.

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Series

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Series: A truly Brilliant Optic! All the images were shot wide open at f1.4. Before we go further I’m simply aching to say that this Art Series lens is absolutely brilliant.

A Woodland Walk

What I love about taking a stroll in the woods, the delicate nature of nature, the subtle vibrancy of colours in nature, and what can be found as you take a woodland walk, is well worth the effort.

Time Travel Photography

The Museum of London has released a series of intriguing images that has made Time Travel Photography possible, or could it be that some amazing image manipulation has been at work, probably the latter? Whatever is going on the effect is quite fantastic, and it’s all to do with an award-winning app.

Natural Habitat

Over the past seven years IGPOTY have championed a competition of such a high standard that photographers from around the world submit their images in the hope that theirs will be “the one” to win.

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