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Working With Models

Working The Light is what photographers do. We trek for miles to a favorite location, set up our equipment, wait for the first rays of the sun to add that piece of magic that gives us the WOW factor shot we are all in search of - great. And then what happens, a big...

Jack MacGowan

Where’s the sense of adventure? Whilst, the vast majority of my friends are in secure, full‐time jobs, here I am, pursuing dreams that to many seem like complete and utter madness. Perhaps, I am mad. However, to question the pursuit of my dreams would be to challenge...

Mia – The Power Lifter

My daughter Mia has always been super strong, I remember when she was three I lifted her up onto a pull-up bar at a friends house, where she immediately commenced with pull-ups at a rate which astonished us all! Raised eyebrows and side-ways glances all round!

Tribute to Private William McCann

Not many people find out how a family member met their death in The Great War or if they did find out it is from a letter written by a commanding officer where truth might not be the first consideration. Private William McCann 6735 of the 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers...

Petra Hancox

When I was very young my dad took lots of photos. I remember he used our bathroom as a dark room. We had boxes of photos and I’d spend hours looking at them. I have always been quite creative and since I had my own camera I kept taking lots of photographs..

Cool Pool

The three requisite components to a successful image, in order of importance, are: Play of Light. Composition. Subject Matter. The play of light is by far the most important aspect of an image, if that’s good, the photograph’s good, almost regardless of composition...

Robert Irving

Street Photography I was commissioned by a National chain of Estate Agents to photograph the “feel” of the towns of Horsham, Sussex and Oxted, Surrey, the idea being to suggest to potential property buyers what a given town looks and feels like to the on-line viewer,...

Aston Martin DBS Vantage

1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage Recently I was commissioned to shoot this most beautiful Aston Martin DBS. It was fresh from the workshop after a £110,000 restoration, where it had enjoyed a full nut and bolt rebuild bringing it to, according to Chris Shenton, the...

Photographing Berlin

In many ways it’s a very close call. I’ve been shooting with the EF28-70/f2.8 and more latterly the EF24-70/f2.8 for a decade now, and have always been impressed with their resultant image quality, which quite honestly can’t be faulted, but.

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