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Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year run by The Natural History Museum, London, was founded in 1965 by BBC and it is now in it’s 53rd year. It is open to everyone and of all ages. I have selected the above image taken by Arshdeep Singh from India who is the under 10 year old category winner for 2018, it is not only a great image but it is encouraging to see the talent of someone so young with a photographic eye and the knowledge to think through the shot. 

Yasir Mehmood

Yasirs photographic images have drawn me over a period of time, not only are his macro images fantastic they are also artistically beautiful. The composition is complementary and leads the eye into the image which has a completeness in itself, he manages...

Travel Photographer of the Year

Celebrating The World In ImagesOne of the most important things to do in photography is to get out there with your camera and take photographs, for me the next important thing is to get inspiration and new ideas, there is nothing like studying high quality images,...

The Comedy Wildlife Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Awards are at it again, you know all those lovely cute funny cat pictures you love, well these guys take that to a whole new level and raise money towards wildlife conservation and, give you a good laugh into the bargain.

Competition Winner

It was difficult, very difficult - the words of both Anthony and Sophie when asked to choose one image from over 30 photographs sent in for the "Murphy Prize" competition. For everyone who attended The French Touch 2 photo workshop in the South of France - Thank you!

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Barack Obama’s Right Hand Man

What happens when you are confronted with trying to get a photograph of former President Barack Obama and all that’s available is a smartphone camera, well not a lot unless you are lucky to be standing right next to the man.

Travel Photographer of the Year

From fiery lava flows to a magical, snow-swirled New York street scene that echoes an impressionist painting and from the imperious gaze of an elusive, endangered Iberian lynx to wonderfully minimalist images of West Kirby, England, the winning images in the 2016 international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY) have been revealed, and they are stunning.

Sue Butler

My style of photography is very personal to me with macro being my favourite way to capture the beauty of nature. I am always looking for the small intricate details that people just seem to pass by and a lot of my work usually features one or two flowers or insects in the foreground focusing on their individual beauty and colours.

Matthew Cattell

I have recently been honoured with the title “Landscape Photographer of the Year” for my winning image of Starling Vortex – a photograph which captures a starling murmuration around the ruins of Brighton’s West Pier.

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