khatoRob Irving continues to share his first hand experience of preparing our Photo Workshop Tour of Thailand.

There is simply just sooo much to see in Bangkok, you could literally spend months walking the streets and by the time you’d finished start again (reminds me of the Fourth Bridge Painters!).

It was particularly fun to explore with WPA’s Bangkok Guide and Fixer Khato, who glided us fuss free through all of the chaos… whilst visiting markets, monuments, shrines and of course about the best street-side cafes & restaurants one could imagine…

My current favourite region is the Chines Quarter where the profusion of life spilling out onto the streets seemed endlessly colourful and interesting – a bonus too was that western tourists weren’t apparent, got nothing against the tourist, however in the ‘touristy’ parts of Bangkok (or any other City for that matter) the locals ‘see you coming’ and charge inflated prices accordingly… none of that though in the Chinese Quarter, one seemed to be treated like everyone else…

photocrati gallery

Simply love the way that industry isn’t hidden away behind closed doors but quite literally spills onto the streets, the photographic opportunities are endless and the people so friendly and happy to be involved with ones interest. Personally I do enjoy a bit of road-side metal-work engineering, there’s something about the patina of rusty / oily metal, and of course the massive contradiction that the machines being fixed and / or rebuilt, at least from the western perspective, should be done so in a dust free & clean environment, lest they break immediately upon start-up….!!!

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