To enter the inner sanctum of a painter is a wonderful experience and as I love to talk about photography I’m fairly certain that others like to talk about their art. The wonderful studio of Catherine Ducreux was no exception.

There is no point looking for a chronological order in Catherine Ducreux work. Styles and subjects do not fit obediently into periods or stages – her work does not follow a particular trend as it advances and no particular reasoning can be seen in her progression; so writes art critic, Claude Darras.

While living in Marseille we decided to rent a villa for a family get together in the town of Cadolive just north of Marseille in the lovely Provençal countryside. There is so much diversity to ‘Provence’, so much to see and do and wandering around the centre of the village I came across the studio of artist and sculptress Catherine Ducreux.

I will leave it to the art critics or more importantly the public to speak up on behalf of her art, my interest is in what I see in being allowed to freely photograph the organised chaos of Catherine’s studio. I will say I love her art and it was enchanting chatting with her as she talked about her passion and where it came from, her father was an artist and photographer and he frequented the artist circles in Paris in the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s taking his daughter with him.

Does the artist palette tell you something about the artist? I have no idea, I just loved the colours, the brushes, the pots and paraphernalia that sits on a side table and has at the hands of the artist produced such beautiful art.

Then there was the artist cat, and there were a couple around the studio that were not too keen on being photographed, but I do understand the need to have some feline company when working. It’s something that I can now enjoy as I work on my computer, it was not always possible when working to produce prints in a darkroom!

Catherine delighted in talking about her art and making me welcome. Should you be visiting Provence and passing by the village of Cadolive drop in and enjoy her art.

Catherine Ducreux Website

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