Shot in timeless black and white, The Mara is an intimate, atmospheric record of the ebb and flow of daily life in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Anup Shah has long been recognised as one of the masters of wildlife photography and here he returns to the land where he grew up, using innovative techniques to produce striking, up-close portraits of the inhabitants of Mara’s open plains.



Shah’s photographs capture the fiercely authentic personalities of the wild animals living there and convey the rhythm of the seasons, from the start of new life at the end of the rainy season, through to the hardships endured during the long, dry season. The images tell stories of anger, death, hope, arrivals and departures, and provide a startlingly fresh and rarely seen view of the cycle of life in this world famous reserve.



The raw intimacy of Shah’s images are all the more powerful for being shot in black and white; there is no doubt that the way his subjects have been captured by the camera gives the viewer a completely different perspective – up close and personal.



This breath-taking book is the culmination of a life’s study and gives us a unique window onto an ancient and imperiled world.


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Award-winning photographer Anup Shah specialises in photographing wildlife. He is the author of four popular photographic books, Tales from Gombe, Circle of Life, African Odyssey, and Serengeti Spy.
He was featured in The World’s Top Wildlife Photographers and in Horzu magazine as one of the five best wildlife photographers in the world. He has won a number of categories in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and is one of the 10 ‘masters’ in the Natural History Museum book The Masters of Nature Photography: Volume One.
Anup lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

All images copyright ©Anup Shah

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The Mara by Anup Shah is published in hardback by the Natural History Museum, London.

Available here: The Mara

RRP: £25

ISBN 978-05650-9394-5.


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