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Our photo workshops and tours, held in beautiful and exotic locations in France. Join us to combine your love of taking photographs with travel

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Alice Bryan

French Experience

During the sessions we will work both in the studio (the Domaine) and out on location in the surrounding countryside and charming French villages to show that inspiration for an image can be taken from anywhere with an emphasis enjoying making photographs

Price From: £2285.00
Isla Rose

Carcassonne City Tour

Join Damien Demolder for this workshop. Some may already have heard of, or seen images of the walled Cité of Carcassonne, the most impressive preserved fortified town in Europe – this is where we will be photographing along with the “new” town of Carcassonne which is at least 800 years old.

Price From: £1250.00
White horses

Camargue Horses

The goal of this workshop is to capture the stunning beauty of the wild Camargue horses as they gallop through the salt lagoons in the early morning sunlight. We will also be photographing the birdlife including the wonderfully flamboyant pink flamingos

Price £1895.00

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Ready to fly

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our 2024 program of photo workshops in the south of France.

We have enjoyed shooting some great images last year, those photographs along with the dates of our 2024 photo workshops are now ready – come and join us!

We look forward to seeing you in the south of France in 2024.

Do you have a favorite image you have taken last year?

This image entitled Diamond Dragon Fly, was taken in the Camargue in 2023.
We had for the second morning been looking for horses, mares and foals. The second morning was misty with a heavy dew, not unknown although not common. We didn’t find the horses, we found diamonds! These dragon flies are unable to fly until the mist clears and the sun evaporates the dew, so, remember if you don’t find what your looking for, you just might find diamonds.
Wilf James.


Diamond Dragon Fly

World Photo Adventure

We accompany small groups of like-minded photographers to off the beaten track picturesque locations whilst making it our mission to explore the true nature and identity of our carefully chosen destinations. We will only be staying in carefully chosen quality accommodation, ensuring our stays are calm and comfortable, perfect spaces from which to unwind, recharge and reflect upon the experiences of the day.

Great Destinations

The countries we have chosen are only those destinations where we ourselves have travelled, photographed and are familiar with: the terrain, its peoples, and its cultures. Our destinations have been selected not only because of the warmth and openness by which we will be received, but because each one, individually, is a fascinating, colourful, virtual cornucopia of stunning images and experiences in waiting.

Shoot With The Best

Join our seasoned pros in fabulous locations and learn elements of lighting, composition, palette, tips on post-processing, more, and in the process, how to create better images. Our photography courses, workshops and tours held in beautiful and exotic locales are a great way to combine your love of taking photographs with travel.

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