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Our photo workshops and tours held in beautiful and exotic locales are a great way to combine your love of taking photographs with travel

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We specialise in unique creative and adventurous small group photographic workshops

A Closer Look

Jardins du Marqueyssac

French gardens photo workshop with photographer Philip Smith

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Walking on Sunshine

We photograph in some of the most beautiful locations in Southern France

Workshops France

Gateway to the Dordogne

Join us in this fabulous location for our French Gardens Photo Workshop

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Vietnam Adventure

An incomparable adventure and once in a lifetime experience

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World Photo Adventure Featured Workshops and Tours


Thailand Photo Adventure

Our carefully selected guides will take us into the lives of ordinary Thais which will make our trip, and your adventure, amazingly special.


Price: £2750.00

French Gardens Dordogne

An exceptional opportunity to photograph and learn from Philip Smith, founder of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. The French Gardens photo workshops are held in the spectacular Dordogne area of France.

Price: £595.00

Les Corbières France Adventure

We will photograph in some of the most beautiful locations in Southern France. The value of our workshops remains on learning photography in settings where you have the opportunity to make extraordinary images as well as enjoy yourself.

Price: £1695.00


This part of Jutland is a peninsular, with the Kattergat sea to the West, the Skagarak to the East it’s partly due to such geography, the reflective properties of these surrounding seas, that the region is known locally as “The Land of Light”.

Price: £749.00


This tour is an incomparable adventure and once in a lifetime experience. In a rapidly modernising world, the chance to visit and photographic traditional ethnic minorities in their authentic settings and gain an insight into their lives and livelihoods.

Price: £2995.00

UK Photo Workshops

Photography workshops in central London, just off Soho Square, the absolute hub of Creative London, the perfect central location from which to feel inspired. We base ourselves both in the ‘classroom’ for theory, and out on the ‘Streets’ for the practical.


What World Photo Adventure Gives You

Have you had a great holiday but returned home with too many shots you haven’t looked at again as they didn’t paint the picture of that perfect but distant place you visited. We will ensure you do come home with images of a unique close-up experience that you will never forget, fantastic images you will be proud to blow up on your walls and show your friends.

World Photo Adventure is about faces and places in situations you will never find without us!

Our trips are as much a life experience as they are a holiday. Photography is more than just seeing; it is about being a part of ones subject and its environment as truly beautiful photography emanates from the deep connection between the world and us. Tangibly the end results will be the amazing images you return home with, but importantly it will too be the unique feelings and deeper connectivity you’ll experience. Photography at its purest is a simultaneous expression of what we see and how it makes us feel, consequently our workshops & courses aim to bring out the feelings which lead to inspirational Photography.

We will learn how to understand and control the Camera as a machine but more importantly we will be learning how to use it as an extension of ourselves. We don’t use cameras to merely take pictures, they are in a sense the excuse to get close to our surroundings and the beauty within them, a very personal and individual interpretation from which we learn the depths to which the photograph reveals the photographer. Subsequently, through consideration of our images we can see where it is we wish to go and how it is we wish to be.

Our aim is to free our inherent creative energies, the more we understand ourselves within the context of our environment the more expressive our photography becomes.

World Photo Adventure

We accompany small groups of like-minded photographers to off the beaten track picturesque locations whilst making it our mission to explore the true nature and identity of our carefully chosen destinations. We will only be staying in carefully chosen quality accommodation, ensuring our stays are calm and comfortable, perfect spaces from which to unwind, recharge and reflect upon the experiences of the day.

Great Destinations

The countries we have chosen are only those destinations where we ourselves have travelled, photographed and are familiar with: the terrain, its peoples, and its cultures. Our destinations have been selected not only because of the warmth and openness by which we will be received, but because each one, individually, is a fascinating, colourful, virtual cornucopia of stunning images and experiences in waiting.

Shoot With The Best

Join our seasoned pros in fabulous locations and learn elements of lighting, composition, palette, tips on post-processing, more, and in the process, how to create better images. Our photo workshops and tours held in beautiful and exotic locales are a great way to combine your love of taking photographs with travel.

Take Great Photographs

You will learn both how to fully control your digital camera as well as understand the fundamentals of photography, including how to make correct exposures through the comprehension of the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

The Photographer

In the first instance it is the photographer that takes a good photograph and never ever the camera…

The Eye

It is the Lens rather than the camera which makes the real difference in the quality of the captured image…

Out Take

Joining us on a WPA photo workshop tour you will find that the ‘adventure’ is in learning to take great photographs.

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Choosing the Right Equipment

It may seem bewildering the number of DSLR’s on the market, what with their varied specifications and lens choices. So the idea behind this piece is to try to cut through to what’s really important when considering your first purchase into this arena.

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Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Series

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Series: A truly Brilliant Optic! All the images were shot wide open at f1.4. Before we go further I’m simply aching to say that this Art Series lens is absolutely brilliant.

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Explore the Adventure of Photography

Our range of workshops and tours lets you choose between learning how to take great photographs and also to manage and work with your images.


The Photographer

Come and join us for a great learning experience


Camera Management

Learning about all those bells and whistles will make a difference


Image Management

What to do once you have created all those great images

Participating in a WPA Photo Workshop Tour has never been so much fun

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